Controversy and The Prague Cemetery

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Criticism by the Vatican

"The official newspaper of the Vatican, L’Osservatore Romano, launched a polemic against the novel when it was published in Italy in 2010, complaining that its heavy repetition of anti-Semitic tropes “tainted” and could even convince the reader. But that organ is an old foe of Eco’s (back in 1989 Burgess quoted it calling him “a fabulatory pest who deforms, desecrates and offends”) and probably did not care for his portrayal of scheming Jesuits." - Joshua Lustig, Open Letters Monthly

Alleged Criticism by Vatican and Chief Rabbi of Rome

"Already published in Spanish and Italian, The Prague Cemetery has the distinction of having been criticised by both the Vatican and the Chief Rabbi of Rome. With differing levels of sophistication, they claim that the virulent anti-semitism displayed by Simonini may actually cause some readers to become “tainted” by it or even to come to believe that Simonini’s rants are true." - 2606 Books and Counting blog

Responding to issues of anti-Semitism

"Still, Eco told The Jewish Week, “Probably, if I were a rabbi, I’d have the same concerns.” He went on, “But if there was a meter of the responses [from Jewish readers], I say, 20 to two, I had more positive responses than negative ones. A few Jewish groups even said this should be read in schools.” " The Jewish Week

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