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In all of his novels, Eco quotes from texts extensively, usually unattributed but with enough clues, big or small, to guess their source.

I'm not sure what will come of this, but this section of the Wiki is for extended analysis of how Eco uses certain texts, in detail that would bog down the page-by-page annotation section.

Chapter 7

As discussed in the Chapter 7 section, Eco draws extensively from Alexandre Dumas' book Les Garibaldiens and the letters that were published in English in 1929 as On the Emma. Full text English.

hairy pilot Podimatas
Eco's description of Podimatas comes almost verbatim from Dumas. On the Emma at 68.

asperges en petits pois
Asparagus in peas. Curiously, this does not seem to appear in Dumas's writings on the Emma, least of all in relation to the cook Boyer. Dumas's cookbook, Le grand dictionnaire de cuisine, does contain a recipe for this dish.

ha ok I don't think this is worth doing on the wiki-- if someone is REALLY curious about a quote they can just google it themselves