The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana

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These annotations were originally online here, then here as the "Queen Loana Annotation Project". The project was begun by Erik Ketzan in 2005 and served as the basis for his contributions to Tim Ware's and other digital humanities projects.

The edits and contributions of individual contributors have unfortunately been lost due to the Queen Loana wiki moving homes twice. Thanks to all who contributed back in 2005.

Part One: The Incident

Chapter 1 - The Cruelest Month
Chapter 2 - The Murmur of Mulberry Leaves
Chapter 3 - Someone May Pluck Your Flower
Chapter 4 - Alone through City Streets I Go

Part Two: Paper Memory

Chapter 5 - Clarabelle's Treasure
Chapter 6 - Il Nuovissimo Melzi
Chapter 7 - Eight Days in an Attic
Chapter 8 - When the Radio
Chapter 9 - But Pippo Doesn't Know
Chapter 10 - The Alchemist's Tower
Chapter 11 - Up There at Capocabana
Chapter 12 - Blue Skies Are on the Way
Chapter 13 - The Pallid Little Maiden
Chapter 14 - The Hotel of the Three Roses

Part Three: ΟΙ ΝΟΣΤΟΙ

Chapter 15 - You're Back at Last, Friend Mist!
Chapter 16 - The Wind Is Whistling
Chapter 17 - The Provident Young Man
Chapter 18 - Lovely Thou Art as the Sun


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Since this project began, two similar annotation guides have sprung up for readers of Queen Loana in other languages: