The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana Chapter 9

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Page 196

Lili Marleen
See Official Lili Marleen Page. "Through the assistance of an apparently insignificant document, one can understand history. Did everyone support the SS? No! They sang "Lilli Marleen," the were sad and had no desire for war. That's why the song is known throughout the world." Eco, 2005 interview, ZDF

Page 203

Fosse Ardeatine massacre
In March 1944, the Germans occupying Italy executed 335 Italian civilians in retaliation for a partisan bombing that killed 33 SS policemen in Rome. more

Page 207

Sedan debacle
1870 Battle of Sedan, in which the Prussians soundly trounced the armies of France which were personally led by Emperor Napoleon III. When news hit Paris of the Emperor's capture, the French Second Empire was overthrown in bloodless revolution. more The events were chronicled in Zola's novel, The Debacle.