The Prague Cemetery

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The Prague Cemetery (2011) is the sixth novel by Umberto Eco.


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Topics, themes, remarks

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Narrators of The Prague Cemetery
Seven Deadly Sins
Source texts for The Prague Cemetery
Lists in The Prague Cemetery
Controversy and The Prague Cemetery
Freud in The Prague Cemetery
Simone Simonini


Book reviews

  • Open Letters Monthly - "an entertaining and surprisingly fast-moving plunge through the undercurrents of 19th-century conspiracy theories"
  • The Guardian - "In outline, Simonini's story sounds fun... In practice, though, The Prague Cemetery is a tiring plod."
  • Wall Street Journal - "The Prague Cemetery" is an entertaining and melodramatic farrago of 19th-century European hate-mongering
  • - "Eco constructs a fast and furious, fact-filled novel that fictionalizes an author of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
  • The Independent - "I would have loved to take my editorial pencil to this book and some of its spins and twists. But Eco is a comic master and, in his 80th year, his irreverent intelligence, if not always his plotting or scabrous taste, remains bracing."
  • The OF Blog - "For some, this is not an enjoyable task, but for those readers who do know something of these topics and who are willing to sift through the intentional false leads and deceptive commentaries embedded in this novel, The Prague Cemetery may yield surprising results."
  • Guardian - "it is a wearying read. In English at least. Perhaps it sparkles in Italian.“

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