The Prague Cemetery Chapter 11

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Page 170

Maurice Joly
Eco is returning to the Protocols.

"Elements of the Protocols were plagiarized from Joly's fictional Dialogue in Hell, a thinly-veiled attack on the political ambitions of Napoleon III, who, represented by the non-Jewish character Machiavelli, plots to rule the world. Joly, a monarchist and legitimist, was imprisoned in France for 15 months as a direct result of his book's publication. Ironically, scholars have noted that Dialogue in Hell was itself a plagiarism, at least in part, of a novel by Eugene Sue, Les Mystères du Peuple". Wikipedia

Page 171

a police spy, French

"I must admit I haven't read it. It's over five hundred pages long, which is a mistake...."
Note that, while the English version of the The Prague Cemetery is 437 pages long, the Italian version is 516 pages.

Page 172

prisoner Gaviali... involved in Orsini's bomb attack
"Felice Orsini (1819 – 1858) was an Italian revolutionary and leader of the Carbonari who tried to assassinate Napoleon III, Emperor of the French." Wikipedia

Page 173

Sainte-Pélagie prison
"a prison in Paris from 1790 to 1895. It saw many famous prisoners during the French revolution". Wikipedia

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"Eugène François Vidocq (1775 – 1857) was a French criminal and criminalist whose life story inspired several writers, including Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac. A former crook who subsequently became the founder and first director of the crime-fighting Sûreté Nationale as well as the head of the first known private detective agency, he is considered to be the father of modern criminology and of the French police. He is also regarded as the first private detective." Wikipedia

Page 180

cabinets particuliers
small private room for guests in a restaurant.

Page 181

Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche
"the narrowest street in Paris. It is only 1.80m wide for the whole of its 29m length." Wikipedia

lansquenet players
a card game. The name derives from the German, "Landsknecht" ('servant of the land or country'). Wikipedia

Page 184

novel by Verne
presumably From the Earth to the Moon.

Page 186

impasse Salembrière
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Master Ninuzzo
Recall that Simonini stabbed Ninuzzo at the end of Chapter 8.

Page 190

the capital of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America.

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