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With the Thousand
"The Expedition of the Thousand (Italian Spedizione dei Mille) was a military campaign led by the revolutionary general Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1860. A force of volunteers defeated the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, leading to its dissolution and annexation by the Kingdom of Sardinia, an important step in the creation of a newly unified Kingdom of Italy." Wikipedia

Dumas... on board the Emma
In 1860, Dumas was planning a tour of Italy by yacht, along with an entourage of captain, cook, crew, mistress, and several young companions. When he heard of Garibaldi's landing in Sicily, he gave up his intended plans and devoted himself for four years to Garibaldi and the cause of Italian unification.

Dumas published a book, Les Garibaldiens, and this combined with manuscripts letters detailing his voyage upon the Emma were published in 1929 in English as On Board the Emma: Adventures with Garibaldi's "Thousand" in Sicily. Full text in English More general info on the book

Eco places Simone in Dumas's entourage and quotes and draws extensively from Dumas's writings in this chapter.

  • Parts of the Protocols were adapted from Dumas's novel Joseph Balsamo, a connection Eco claims he was the first discoverer of, in Six Walks in the Fictional Woods. Need more

Portrait of Dumas from On Board the Emma: Adventures with Garibaldi's "Thousand" in Sicily
Portrait of Garibaldi from On Board the Emma: Adventures with Garibaldi's "Thousand" in Sicily


Palazzo del Senato
" the Hotel de Ville in Paris in 1830!" cried Dumas ecstatically." Where Dumas met Garibaldi in Sicily. [[1]]

Page 118

men, rifles, and two steamships
Dumas had something to do with delivering this all to Garibaldi. But who supplied them???

Page 119

Nino Bixio
"I was struck by the hawk-like gaze of Garibaldi's lieutenant, the terrible Nino Bixio, and felt so intimidated that I left." More on this Italian patriot: [2]

Abba (Giuseppe Cesare Abba)
Patriot and poet! [3]

Bandi (Giuseppe Bandi)
"Over dinner I befriended two volunteers,...Abba,...and the other Bandi, a journalist about my own age from Livorno." (1834–94). Author of a much-anthologized account of his part in Garibaldi's 1860 campaign, I mille (1886), which is amongst the best of its kind. He also wrote several historical novels. Born near Grosseto, he was a journalist and editor, principally in Livorno. His political affiliations followed Francesco Crispi's drift to the right.[4]

Abba from Liguria... and Bandi a journalist
Giuseppe Bandi (1834 – 1894) was a writer and journalist. Italian Wikipedia

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Battle of Calatafimi
"..a miraculous victory, a thousand volunteers on one side and twenty-five thousand well-armed Bourbons on the other."
Exaggerated? Probably closer to 2000, according to the Wiki, although later the lawyer says that many were simply held back in barracks...[5]

Page 123

battle at Ponte dell'Ammiraglio
The bridge as it appeared in 1910:


Page 124

Saint Rosalia
patron saint of Palermo, Italy. Wikipedia

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General Ramorino was shot by firing squad in Piedmont..."
Wiki: During the 1830's, Girolamo Ramorino helped other revolutionaries such as Mazzini plan the 1848 revolutions. He will forever be known as an incompetent general due to the part he played when asked to arrange for an army to arrive from Paris to aid a rising; it transpired that he had gambled away his money and that no help would be forthcoming. In 1849 he was accused of disobeying orders before the Battle of Novara, whose outcome sounded the death knell for the Italian revolutions. That same year, he was executed. Upon his own request he was allowed to command the shooting squad himself.[6]

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a billion people inhabit the Earth
Indeed, it is estimated that in 1860, Earth had about 1.5 billion people. Wikipedia

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